Equipment engineered to excite staff as well as guests

Eye-catching, luminous body
The device can be designed to match your house colours, or you can chose a specific display mode, using 80 individually addressable, high quality RGB LEDs.

Robust, user friendly touch screen
Always legible, even in reflected light and in side view. Simple, intuitive operation, even with moist fingertips.

Your guests see the best right away!
Branded spirits in a perfect setting! That tempts your guests to sip a cocktail and signals the highest quality.

The invisible extra bit
Allows both bottle AND bag-in-box-system under the counter at the same time. Juices and spirits can be dispensed from 5 litre or 10 litre packs.

High-tech bottle holder
For easy, drip-free bottle change! With integrated sensor for empty bottles and pump control.

High-performance calibration pumps
Exact metering, accurate to within 1 ml. Never achieved before in this sector. Includes metering interrupt upon bottle-end-notification.

Simple built-in cleaning system!
Only one single cleaning line needs to be connected to flush all other lines within two to three minutes a day, and an additional 15 minutes every fortnight.

Ultra-compact construction
Designed as a counter top unit. No structural changes needed to be made on the bar counter. All the technical bits are integrated in a single module. It may also be installed below the counter, if needed.

Perfect analysis, protected to prevent interference
Turnover, product cost, contribution margin and other information can be called off directly from the machine at any given moment. Therefore, false accounting for cocktails or turnover manipulation is impossible.