When gifted barkeepers and developers of drink dispensing systems wait for too long for their cocktails to arrive ...

... it can lead to some crazy ideas - sometimes! Nobody had any idea at that time that in one of those evenings a new chapter in the history of cocktail mixing was written. Here is the abbreviated version:

Michael Zerfass and Eddi Tayouri got to know each other at a trade fair in 2010. Both are passionate cocktail enthusiasts. One night they agreed to meet at a bar. We won't give its name here. Because, not only did the cocktails take a rather long time to get to them, they also tasted different every time. And, regrettably, not so good, either!

That was enough to motivate the two business men to develop a cocktail ingredient mixing system fitted with brand spirits straight from the original containers. That turned out to be the solution for a list of problems, all at the same time:

  1. The frequently lengthy wait for cocktails is dramatically reduced.
  2. All cocktail ingredients are accurately metered to the nearest millilitre, so the result always tastes absolutely perfect.
  3. Every member of the service team can now prepare a cocktail, not just the trained barkeeper.

But why did just these two people have what it takes to develop such a revolutionary system? Let us have a look at their CVs:

Michael Zerfass worked at the Swiss Zerfass GmbH for thirty years on the development of drinks dispensing systems. His customers included Coca Cola, Pepsi, Ikea, Deutsche Bahn, Warsteiner and Bitburger - just to name a few. Together with Enrico Krüger, an expert in injection moulding and plant engineering, who had himself become totally committed to the idea of perfect, automated cocktails, then developed the first systems. That was all done under the name Xpress Cocktail. Today, Michael Zerfass is Managing Director of GETRA Production GmbH, responsible for the development of BARFOX systems.

Eddi Tayouri contributed his consolidated, extensive knowledge as a fully-fledged master barkeeper. He had earned his spurs in the art of making guests really happy in some of the best hotel bars in Germany, such as the Grand Hyatt, Berlin. Later, he was also responsible for the cocktail catering of events by corporations such as Dr. Oetker, BMW Welt and Bacardi.

And since 1998, he has been running Cocktail Line. With his 11 Cocktail Taxis he livens up company festivities and private parties just as much! Most are already fitted with BARFOX, of course! Today, Eddi Tayouri is Managing Director of GETRA Sales GmbH, responsible for the distribution of the BARFOX cocktail dispensing systems.

For further investment in the perfection of the cocktail dispensing systems and an international market launch, the founders admitted new shareholders with excellent contacts in the most important target branches. That way, Xpress Cocktail developed into the BARFOX brand and is now surely the barkeeper for foxy gastronomers. It has now been provided with a succinct logo, which is functional world-wide together with the brand name.